A Well-Travelled Way




Throughout his life, R.Clifton “cliff” Way, MD, FRCPC, FACC, has been guided by the call of Christ. Orphaned at an early age, he could easily have lost his way. Instead, he parlayed a talent for academics into a fulfilling life of service as a respected pediatric cardiologist.
The road to success was not easy for Cliff. For a time, he seemed destined to remain in the small town of his birth, one of many struggling fishing outports. At thirteen, he even fell in with a local gag of orange-stealing teens.
Fortunately, Cliff encountered many mentors and benefactors who believed in hm an led him for a one-room schoolhouse to medical school and beyond. At times he faltered, but the church’s influence always nudged him back on course.
A well-traveled way demonstrates the difference a strong moral compass makes in life and shared Cliff’s unique experiences with the world.

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