Grenfell Prodigy – An Orphan’s Story




Dr. “Cliff” Way was born in Flower’s Cove in the days before Newfoundland became part of Canada. This is the story of his early education, the death of his parents and transfers to the Grenfell Mission children’s home (orphanage), for completion of high school. He received support from mission personnel for higher education and attended Bishop’s University. This provided the foundation for medical training in Montreal, and return to Newfoundland far a career in pediatric cardiology and medical education at Memorial University and the Janeway Children’s Hospital. Subsequently, he completed his career at McMaster University.
Cliff is one of many orphans who are part of the legacy of Sir Wilfred Grenfell in receiving nurture and higher education to become contributors locally, and further afield, in technical and professional careers.
Cliff was the only orphanage ‘graduate’ to become a medical doctor and this makes his story unique. The legacy of Dr. Grenfell as a Christian missionary include many ‘non-medical ‘ventures and the rescue of children from a desperate situation, but building them a home, was one of his most rewarding achievements. His ‘call’ to Christian service was fully portrayed by this action alone. Cliff records how the influence of Christian faith, the driving force behind Grenfell, also surrounded him as he matured, and dire ted his personal life and career.
Cliff and his wife Betty, have four children, and six grandchildren, all of whom live in the greater Hamilton area, Ontario.


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