Grenfell Teahouse Tales & Trails (Retrace the footsteps of Dr. Grenfell, the visionary



Discover how he established the Grenfell Mission that impacted the way of life of the local people. Learn how his influence helped them to proved and maintain a better quality of life by using the natural resources available to them to proved food and clothing for their families. Trek the trail from the Grenfell House where you will gather water from the well for tea, pick berries for scones (when in season), and learn how a rabbit snare was used to provide food, and view the amazing panoramic view of the harbour.

Your host will share stories of how Dr. Grenfell transformed the welfare of this community through medical contributions as well as teaching the locals about growing and preserving foods and the significance of teahouse trial. Learn about the culture of the people in the area with a hands on experience on how things were done “back in the day”. You will finish of the experience by returning to the Grenfell House, where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea and scone and storytelling.

*A take away item included as well, a handmade Traditional Napkin


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