When Bells Toll In The North




“In the Newfoundland language, the word ‘ogis’ could mean a delicious meal, a beautiful day, a large fish…or a wonderful story. Freeman B. Cull’s second book, When Bells Toll in the North, is, in my opinion, one ogis story that you’ll never forget! read it and see!”

Earle B. Pilgrim
author of Curse of the Red Cross Ring

In 1932, outport Newfoundland was rife with poverty. The many small communities that dotted the Great Northern Peninsula were particularly vulnerable to hunger and disease. When two brothers from Englee were suddenly stricken with as thyroid fever, a call was put out to the Grenfell Mission in St.Anthony. Carl Hammerstrom, a young American doctor, answered the call and traveled to Englee to take the two men back to St. Anthony for treatment. The young doctor would face his greatest challenge yet when the ship he and his two patients were traveling on became storm-bound on the Grey Islands en route to St.Anthony. Time grew short for the two patients, and the doctor feared they would die before rescuers could come

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