Due to the covid related issues.. Weekend business hours will vary, until the restrictions are lifted.

Grenfell Historic Properties
St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Current Hours:|| Daily (9am - 5pm)
Winter Hours:|| Daily (9am - 5pm)
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Grenfell Interpretation Centre
Experience the spectacular legacy of Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, featuring many exhibits.
Grenfell House Museum
Explore the historic home of Dr. Grenfell & his family. A truly amazing journey into the past.
Grenfell Handicrafts Store
Browse an extensive selection
of handicrafts & souvenirs.
Many items locally produced.
Hike the Tea House Hill Trail
One of Dr. Grenfell's favourite activies. The trail offers you spectacular scenery & beauty.
Grenfell Park & Dock Facility
The dock services yachts and acts as a drop-off point for tourists. A great place to relax.
Spectacular Boat Tours
Northland Discovery Boat Tours offer incredible iceberg, whale
& scenery tours.
Sir Grenfell, Comic Book Hero
The harrowing tale of survival in 1908 northern Newfoundland translates into comic book form.

About Grenfell Historical Society

Grenfell Historic Properties is operated by the Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell Historical Society.

The Grenfell Historic Society is a registered charitable organization that has been incorporated since April of 1978.

Grenfell Historical Society's Statement of Purpose

To collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret the following:

1. Artifacts which are relevant to the founding of the Grenfell mission and its effect on the Northern communities in relation to medical care, the fishing industry, handicrafts, schooling, and the care of orphans.
2. The writings of Dr. Grenfell, including his books, letters and art which help the public know and understand him.
3. Material relating to his family.
4. Material relevant to his co-workers, successors, and people of the area.

In keeping with the Statement of Purpose of the Grenfell Historical Society, in 1994, the process began whereby the Grenfell Historical Society (in partnership with Grenfell Development Inc. and Grenfell Handicrafts Ltd.) joined together to oversee the implementation of the Grenfell Master Plan.

The Grenfell Master Plan oversaw the development of:
•   a new interpretation centre
•   development of the trails leading to Tea House Hill (the burial site for Grenfell)
•   the relocation of Grenfell Handicrafts
•   the continued restoration of Grenfell House Museum
•   the relocation and enhancement of Grenfell Park
•   enhancement of the waterfront properties (adjacent to the interpretation centre)

As of the spring of 1998, the Grenfell Historical Society, with its many partners, were successful in coordinating the implementation of many of the overall objectives of the Grenfell Master Plan.

During the summer of 1998, the Grand Opening of the new interpretation centre launched many of the new legacy events, infrastructure and programming that now make up the Grenfell Historic Properties.
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Operated by the Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell Historical Society  |  A not-for-profit, registered Canadian Charity.
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